Feature Length / Filming September 2018


Tomorrow, Melanie and Aaron are getting married in Upstate New York and their friends and family are gathered to help decorate the church. She’s a little bit country and to her Tennessee family he’s a liberal yankee. Despite their differences, Gay - Straight, Christian - Muslim, Redneck - White Collar, everyone cooperates until a message is sent from a terrorist organization waging a cyber attack against the United States. Gathering around a laptop, they watch as American landmarks are reduced to burning rubble. The political and social upheaval brings out the true colors among the wedding party. This Perfect Union is a sci-fi reality which explores who we will decide to be when the lights go out. 


"Aaron" - Mitchel Musso - IMDB

Mitchel began his career with Disney as Oliver on 90 episodes of "Hannah Montana" then starred in 3 seasons of "Pair of Kings" and 4 seasons of "Phineas and Ferb."

"Joann" - Catherine Bach - IMDB

Catherine starred opposite Clint Eastwood in "Thunderbolt and Lightfoot" and went on to make her role in 146 episodes of "The Dukes of Hazard" iconic by wearing short shorts named for her character, Daisy Duke.

"Melanie" - Katie LeClerc - IMDB

Katie has been in episodes of many popular TV series like Veronica Mars, Community, and The Big Bang Theory. She’s best known for the 104 episodes in which she starred in, Switched at Birth.

"Nick" - Brett Davern - IMDB

Brett is best known for his role in 89 episodes of Awkward on MTV. He’s also been in Cold Case, CSI Miami, Relationship Status, Shameless, Major Crimes and Paramount Network’s new series American Woman.

"Ansley" - Jillian Rose Reed - IMDB

Jillian’s first break out role was as Simone on Showtime’s series Weeds. She went on to play Tamara in 89 episodes of MTV’s hit show Awkward and was in Disney Channel’s Elena of Avalor for 2 seasons. Currently she has an exclusive talk show / dating game with Youtube Red.


Jon Russell Cring - Writer/Director - IMDB

Tracy Nichole Cring - Writer/Director of Photography/Editor - IMDB

This Perfect Union was written by the filmmaking couple, Jon and Tracy Cring. Having completed eighteen independent features and collaborated on a dozen more film and TV projects, Jon and Tracy have ample experience to bring a film to market. The duo’s last feature, DARCY, won two awards at the SR Socially Relevant Film Festival New York for Best Actor, Jonathan Tchaikovsky (Concussion, Wall Street), and Best Ensemble which included Gus Birney (Spike TV’s The Mist), David Thornton (Alpha Dog, The Notebook), and Paulina Singer (The Intern, Freeform’s Dead of Summer). Jon was honored to win Best Director at Atlantic City Cinefest for The Night We Met, and Tracy also for Best Cinematography for “Resistance.” Jon and Tracy chose to work in the micro budget realm with private investors who are passionate about the message of the film. It’s more important to them to do better and better work than do bigger and bigger less meaningful projects. Darcy won YA Award at Silicon Beach Film Fest and Resistance won Best Experimental Short at Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival. The couple had a TV Pilot premiering in Hollywood at Dance’s With Films in June and Resistance will be airing on PBS in August. 

Electric City Productions & Donna Pennell - Executive Producer - IMDB
Destiny Productions, Inc. is an independent production company established in 1996 that creates, develops, and produces programs seen on ABC, NBC and CBS network affiliates and cable. C.E.O. and Executive Producer, Donna Pennell has more than 585 broadcasted shows to her credit, and counting. Her company continues to expand on creative ideas and is currently in development on several new shows in the reality, sitcom, and scripted drama genres. 

2 Pints Productions & Brad Robinson - Producer - IMDB
Brad Robinson is a veteran filmmaker who consistently works with the biggest names in Hollywood. He has been an 1st and 2nd AD on films for Woody Allen, Derek Cianfrance, Steve McQueen, Paul Feig, Seth McFarlane, M. Night Shyamalan and more. He wrote, produced, and directed the 2008 feature “Public Interest” and his short film “Ghosts from New York” is doing well in festivals. 

Yury Tsykun - Producer/Actor “Evgeni” - IMDB
Yury Tsykun is a well respected business person in Upstate New York where This Perfect Union will be filming. Having started as a world renowned Olympic gymnastics coach, Yury brings boundless energy and determination to the team. He has landed roles in film and television. Burn after Reading, Winter of Frozen Dreams, Creeping Crawling, The Knick, Nurse Jackie, and Louie to name a few.