The Night We Met

“The Night We Met,” tells the story of the kind of unforgettable night shared by two young lovers that we’ve all had or wished we had at least once in our youth.

Little Bi Peep *Distributed

Emma is going nowhere fast, but she knows it. She's very honest with herself, but no one else. The women and men she has been sleeping with think she's a waitress, an artist or a kindergarten teacher...she actually works in an Adult Bookstore. At a bar one night she meets Mason, who has it all, including secrets. Will Emma settle down and live happily ever after, or will she be alone, sitting outside the Jack Shack selling double ended dildos forever? Written, Starring, and Co-Directed by Anna Shields, Directed by Jon Russell Cring with Director of Photography and Editor by Tracy Nichole Cring. Winner Best Comedy, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress Atlantic City Cinefest. 

Creeping Crawling *Distributed

Creeping Crawling... An Etymological Anthology of Terror is a feature length film with three stories...

RID -- A troubled young woman steals the identity of a nurse and tries to care for a comatose patient in a Gothic mansion. Upon arrival she seems to be  attacked at night. Even more strange is that the repellant and sprays she is using to fight the infestation seem to bring the patient whom she is developing an infatuation with slowly out of his stupor. Rid is a creepy, sexy, mind-game that will have the audience scratching there arms and and wiggling in their seat.

GRUBBERY -- Denver is a beautiful struggling model with an eating disorder using some highly illegal methods to lose weight. Grubbery is a slow descent into the true cost of vanity.

BUGGER -- Nebbish lonely phone solicitor Bailey attempts to online date, the only problem is he is having trouble finding a partner who is into his particular fetish. As he haplessly searches for Ms. Right someone known as The Praying Mantis Killer is stalking the area. Add to that a couple of co-workers who are playing amateur sleuths and an online Formicophillia Femme named Ms. Cootie and you have a funny and very disturbing chapter on what lengths some people will go to for their own pleasure. (Writer Joshua Owens)